Handmade favors

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Kindness is contagious

favorABLEs was started by Stephanie Cerep with the help of her mother and her good friend Sara.  Stephanie is a "people person" who loves to make others happy, whether family, friend or stranger.  She is filled with empathy, kindness, and caring for others.  She wants to be financially independent while making other people happy, so a brainstorming session came up with the idea for favorABLEs

favorABLEs  signature item is an "intentional act of kindness" favor filled with chocolate kisses.  The idea behind this is that each person is able to make someone's day, thereby making a difference in the world.  

Stephanie's hope is that each recipient of the "intentional act of kindness" favor will refill the favor and pass it on to someone else to make their day.  Possible refills are: chocolate kisses or other treat, a personal note, gift certificate, pen, pencil, chalk, etc.